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The Will and Probate Centre will assist you with your probate application, just one of many legal services we provide from our Perth offices.

What is probate?

A probate is a certificate granted by the Supreme Court to confirm that a will of a deceased person has been proved and registered. The court will grant probate to the nominated executor of the estate, which in Perth takes place in The Supreme Court of Western Australia. The probate certificate allows the executor to administer the deceased’s assets and belongings according to the will.

Professional legal services

This can be a stressful time for families of the deceased. That’s why we, as Australian probate lawyers, will ensure that you not only receive the professional legal services required, but the necessary sympathy and care in this tough time.

The process

The first step in achieving the probate is locating the will and submitting it to court. A judge then makes a decision on the validity of the will, deciding whether it is the most recent and operative one. In many states, the validity of a will is considered null and void if it has not been updated after the testator (person who made the will) has married or remarried. If more than one will is presented to court, the judge uses any available evidence in order to determine which one is the most recent and, therefore, operative.

How can The Will and Probate Centre help?

As the executor of the will, you may need to apply for a Grant of Probate; this is likely if the deceased held assets (such as bank accounts, shares or real estate) solely in their name or held real estate as tenants in common with another party.

If the deceased owned assets jointly with a spouse, the title or account can be transferred to the surviving party by way of survivorship.

As Perth’s specialist probate lawyers, we will assist with your application for the will probate. We will help you obtain all necessary documents as required by WA law to ensure your application is processed swiftly and efficiently.

What if there is no will?

We will also assist with an applications to the Supreme Court of Western Australia to obtain a Grant of Probate for executors and Letters of Administration, which will grant you the necessary rights of administration.

For any and all enquiries concerning wills, probates and letters of administration, contact us at Brook Legal |The Will and Probate Centre.

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