Affordable Solicitor fees

Affordable solicitor fees for wills, probates, powers of attorney & letters of administration.

Brook Legal | The Will and Probate Centre provides a range of legal fees including will preparation, probate grants, power of attorney, letters of administration and inheritance claims. Our solicitor fees are affordable with no hidden costs.

We take the hassle out of often stressful and time-consuming activities, which are critical to your family’s wellbeing. If you want to know our probate fees or the cost of making a will, contact us for a pricelist.

Pricing for an Individual

The costing price we supply includes all legal and estate planning advice provided at your appointment with a senior solicitor. Unlike other providers of will services, our will documentation includes trusts for minor children and other required clauses at no extra cost. All fees quoted will remain the same with no additional fees charged for any changes made to your will document prior to the signing. Our executor of will fee is amongst the most affordable in Perth, and the services we offer amongst the best in WA.

Pricing for Two People

We offer a price reduction for preparing two or more wills (If drawn at the same time). Ask us about the cost of making a will with a solicitor, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the affordability. Preparing a will is critical to the wellbeing of your family after your death, it also ensures you leave a proper legacy and that your assets are fairly distributed according to your wishes.

Power of Attorney Costs

Appointing a power of attorney gives an individual the legal authority to act on your behalf when looking after your personal and/or financial affairs. Our cost for this service is reasonable and fixed, meaning there are no hidden expenses.

We help you obtain a Grant of Probate quickly and easily.

Our fixed probate fees include all legal advice given and any additional documents required to obtain the Grant of Probate.

Contact us for a price list for our array of professional legal services.


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