The Will and Probate Centre specialises in drafting and amending Wills, obtaining Grants of Probate and Powers of Attorney, and handling Inheritance Claims.

What is a Will?

When a person dies, they leave behind their effects, such as a house, land, bank accounts and investments.

A Will is a record of a person’s intentions to distribute these effects upon their death. However, before the assets can be collected and distributed, the Will must have been granted Probate.

Why should I make a Will?

Legally, Wills are the best way to ensure that your estate passes to the people you have chosen to benefit in the event of your death. It is imperative that you make a Will, especially if you are not married, or in a civil partnership and you want some or all of your estate to pass to your partner on your death. Wills can also ensure that specific people are entitled to financial support even after you have gone. If a certain child of yours has greater need for financial support than your other children, creating a Will ensures that child receives the amount that you designate. Similarly, other assets, such as property, are also covered by a Will.

Appointing an Executor

The executor is responsible for carrying out the instructions of the Will once the person has passed. The executor of your Will should be someone you can trust to carry out your specific instructions of your Will after your death.

Naming Legal Guardians

If you have children or grandchildren that are minors and are currently under your care, a Will can contain the necessary information stating who the guardian of those children will be. This is extremely important as the care and well-being of your children or grandchildren is in your hands, even after death.

What are the dangers of dying without a Will?

Without a Will in place, the State decides how your assets should be distributed and the fate of the children involved. These cases tend to blow up and quickly turn into long, expensive legal battles. By creating a Will, the process is simplified as decisions are made immediately based on the terms of the Will.

How can The Will and Probate Centre help?

Making a Will is an important task that everyone over 18 years of age should undertake, especially if you have assets, such as monetary or land investments.

The process is relatively simple, but it is important to ensure certain procedures are followed. At The Will and Probate Centre, we offer all the help and legal advice you will need to draw up a legally valid Will.

We have a 7-day turnaround for Will documentation. The paperwork is usually produced within 2 days of your initial consultation and sent to you for approval. At your follow-up appointment (usually within 7 days), the document is fully explained, reviewed and executed by you.

The Will and Probate Centre retains secure, electronic copies of your Will, should you request a future update, replacement or amendment.

Fees for drawing up a Will

Single Will: Fixed fee of $290 plus GST.

Two Wills: Fixed fee of $485 plus GST (if drawn at the same time).

For further information about drawing up a Will, please contact us on (08) 9287 1855.


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